Hyzon Motors: Europe’s hydrogen commercial vehicle rental service

Hyzon Motors believes in hydrogen and fuel cell technology. A breakthrough is expected in 2025. Until then, you want to be prepared. At the end of March 2021, the company will launch a commercial heavy fuel cell vehicle rental service for customers in the European Union. In the future it will be easier to obtain commercial Hyzon vehicles and thus accelerate the shift to fleets of commercial hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The company is demonstrating its strengths in developing complete life cycle solutions with its partner network, which enables fleet operators to implement the shift to commercial vehicles propelled by hydrogen economically. With the lease offer in place, they want to take the first step in developing a comprehensive fleet rental offer in Europe. The offer includes hydrogen fuel, insurance, service and maintenance benefits for Hyzon tractors and vehicles.

“This rental service aims to provide our customers with the fastest possible solution to relocate to heavy emission-free hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.” – Craig Knight, CEO of Hyzon

Moreover, it was mentioned that Hyzon would like to be one of the first companies to contribute to making hydrogen fuel cells available to European customers for trucks and buses at a total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to the costs of diesel commercial vehicles. Building on pioneering fuel cell technology and financing opportunities in Europe, Hyzon intends to help its customers achieve TCO parity by collaborating with numerous partners in the hydrogen infrastructure field.

Based on their market analysis, Europe is expected to be at the forefront of the global front in the hydrogen movement. As the market leader in the heavy-duty hydrogen mobility category, Hyzon expects to play a significant role in Europe’s shift towards hydrogen-based engines with its Dutch production facility in Groningen.

“We are pleased to offer our customers in Europe this rental service and to support fleet operators with the conversion to hydrogen. This rental service aims to provide our customers with the fastest possible solution to the transition to heavy emission-free and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.” Hyzon commercial vehicles will be able to keep pace with similar vehicles. Diesel in terms of operating costs and refueling timeIs the way CEO Craig Knight concludes.

We remember the company’s current project announcements: Hyzon Motors will bring 1,500 heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell, emissions-free trucks to New Zealand by 2026. Meanwhile, New Zealand’s Hiringa Energy will expand the national hydrogen fueling infrastructure. The hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks, which will be assembled at the Hyzon plant in Winschoten, Netherlands, will be manufactured according to local New Zealand requirements, and the first batch of vehicles is expected to be operational in New Zealand by the end of 2021.

Source: Hyzon Motors – email press release

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