Human Rights Court: Hungary should pay compensation to refugee families

Human Rights Court: Hungary should pay compensation to refugee families

The inhuman conditions in the former Hungarian refugee camp, Röszke, have repercussions for the country. According to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Hungary has treated a family of asylum seekers there inappropriately and violated the prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment.

The court also found a violation of the immigrants’ right to freedom and security. Hungary now has to pay children 4,500 euros per child and adults 6,500 euros each.

Between April and August 2017, the family of five lived in Russky on the Serbian-Hungarian border in a 13 square meter container. It was very hot there. She added in the complaint that the children were not given adequate food.

In addition, one of the migrants did not receive any food because he repeatedly sought asylum in Hungary. The court ruled that the situation violated their rights, especially since the mother was pregnant and the children were young.

The European Court of Human Rights is part of the Council of Europe and is located in Strasbourg. Together, they are committed to upholding human rights in their 47 member states.

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg had previously ruled that accommodating asylum seekers in the Hungarian refugee camp of Roskie equals imprisonment due to the conditions prevailing there. He had that The transit area must be closed. Hungary complied with this last year.

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