Huawei Watch 3 Series Home Space Feature Update Released

Huawei Watch 3 Series Home Space Feature Update Released

December 28 Huawei Officially launched Family Space features for Huawei Watch Series 3 Including location sharing and emergency contact in China. These new features are useful, keep you connected with family, and improve the watch’s overall user experience.

However, the Huawei Watch 3 series includes high-end smartwatches and consists of two models – Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro powered by HarmonyOS. The company has revealed this watch with premium features to provide a whole new user experience and it will be upgrading it with new updates.

Access Family Space features that allow users to stay connected with family by following the simple steps to join and use the Huawei Watch 3 Family Space features listed below.

To join the family zone:

According to Huawei, Huawei said that by logging into Family Space, you can always know the health status of your family. Once the subscriber is approved and accepted, the subscriber can view the location sharing.

tracking process: Mobile invites to enter Family Space via the Health app, then members monitor each other to share their health and invite them to enter Family Space.

Operation of the monitored person: Authorized to join family space on mobile. Open the Health app, then members monitor each other to share their health, tap Members and agree to enter Family Space.

position sharing:

Affiliate Operations: Request location permission on mobile by clicking on the member’s profile picture, tap View TA location, tap Request location sharing permission.

Follow-up process: The mobile phone and watch accept the permission to share the location.

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Family contact in case of emergency:

tracking process: Set up emergency family contact for TA on mobile. To set up a member, go to Set up an emergency family contact for TA.

Follow-up process: The mobile phone authorizes the family emergency contact application through the family emergency contact invitation, displays the details of the invitation card and accepts the invitation.

To add a TA as an emergency contact:

  • go add
  • Find the contact information of the invitee to add as an emergency contact
  • Select “Added, Next”

After adding an emergency contact, select commonly used devices and successfully receive family invitations. Subscribers can receive calls for help in real time and get accurate knowledge of the subscriber’s location.

Huawei Watch 3: Key Features

  • Show: 1.43 inch AMOLED screen
  • screen resolution: 466 x 466 pixels
  • RAM: 2 go
  • storage: 16 GB
  • The operating system: HarmonyOS
  • drums: 450 mA
  • Delivery: Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, WiFi

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