Picture-in-Picture PiP on iPhone for WhatsApp is a great innovation for iOS users. In this sense, they will be able to open other applications during their video call on instant messengers. Apparently, prior to this latest update, video paused when leaving full screen mode.

using this new feature

In fact, Picture-in-Picture PiP mode on iPhone for WhatsApp was announced last December.
In this sense, this post is posted with Version 23.3.77 of the app fixes the video call leakage issue.
In other words, An iOS user can open other apps, read a document, or play a game at the same time during the call.
At the same time, this new feature must have Same interests as in FaceTime.

as a result of, A small window that covers the other tabs is displayed automatically when minimizing the application.
In addition, this new version also includes other new features, such as Ability to add captions when sending documents.
In addition, you can too Write longer descriptions and topics for groups.
also, Create your own custom avatar They can be used as stickers and profile pictures, like Memojis.

PiP on iPhone for WhatsApp

In fact, in addition to this iPhone PiP mode for WhatsApp, we also find very interesting new features.
And in that sense, last week’s app claims we can now Pin posts in a conversation.
In particular, this feature allows us to save time because we no longer need to search to find a specific post.
At the same time, WhatsApp also decides update their lawsdespite negative feedback from users.
Apparently, these famous statutes More like storiesas in the case of Instagram.

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In fact, we can share the situation but also Reply to someone with an emoji.
But still, thanks to version 23.3.77 of the instant messaging app, we can too Voice status recording.
Notably, WhatsApp is still A great instant messaging app that also offers basic voice and video calls.
Apparently, everyone gets something from it. Despite the poor desktop version and limited group calls to eight participants.