How to update your home office space when plans to go back to work stop

How to update your home office space when plans to go back to work stop

As 2022 approaches, many workers are preparing for change.

But you don’t have to join Great Resignation and stop to get things done. With a few small tweaks, you may be able to give your old work a new look.

With plans to return to the office postponed again with the emergence of the omicron variable, employees may find themselves working from home for longer than expected, some permanently, as more and more companies implement mixed work arrangements, according to Drew McCaskill, LinkedIn Jobs Expert.

According to a LinkedIn survey of more than 2,000 American workers, nearly a quarter of the workforce, or 23%, are remote and 13% are in a hybrid arrangement.

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To avoid burnout as another year of remote work begins, here are some tips for updating your space and expectations:

Cut a quiet corner

Even after nearly two years of working from home, you can still manage at the dining room table, which makes it hard to avoid distractions, especially if you’re sharing the space with a roommate, someone else, someone else, or kids.

“We’ve gotten so immersed in this, and many of us have never been able to achieve a true, comfortable workstation,” said Sabrina Allen, owner of Dash Safety Solutions, which provides ergonomic reviews.

Allen advises clients to create a dedicated office space near a window, if possible. “Natural sunlight is important and good for your productivity.”

Interior designer Jonathan Rushman recommends giving a quiet corner a fresh coat of paint to set it apart from the rest of your living space. “Painting is inexpensive,” he said, “and you can adapt and change it whenever you want.”

He said, “Go for a high-gloss finish to bring a touch of flair to your space. “It is very elegant. “

Invest in a good chair

McCaskill said that what you sit on is just as important as where you sit and can also affect your productivity during the day, as well as how you present yourself on screen.

To that end, a good office chair will go a long way in keeping you comfortable and engaged. But it doesn’t have to sound like a business, according to Rachman. “It could be an artifact or an antique.”

Recommend re-upholstering the dining chair and adding a decorative pillow. “I love finding and personalizing unique items.”

Optimize your office setup

Even those who already have a dedicated workspace may want to improve their setup. After all this time, McCaskill said, “it’s possible to improve their temporary desks.”

Now is the time to invest in some essentials, like a filing cabinet to avoid clutter or a laptop stand, which increases the height of your screen and can help you and your co-workers see Zoom.

let the light

When it comes to video calls, lighting is key. “Facing a window for some indirect natural light is a great option, or you can buy a round lamp if you want to take it to the next level,” McCaskill said.

Alternatively, you could stack a desk lamp, sconces, and task lighting, Rachman suggested. “Find a nice light and add a clip-on action light, there are so many very attractive options.”

Add a personal touch

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