How to tell if the coffee is good

We’ve analyzed the so-called “yield in the cup,” but there are clearly some signs that can make you understand at an early stage whether the espresso you’ll be making is of good quality. Good ground coffee should have a homogeneous grain, it should be aromatic and have a nice color when the package is opened. Obviously talking about properly stored coffee.

On the other hand, if you use coffee beans, before you start grinding, check the appearance of the beans: what color are they? What do they look like? Is it big and “buxom” or small and shriveled? For a good coffee bean, it should be whole, large and swollen, not too dark or yellow.

The first case shows intense and prolonged roasting and burnt grains. On the other hand, if the color is yellowish, it means that the drupe was of low quality or that the cooking was done incorrectly.

You can also learn how to distinguish Arabica beans from Robusta beans: the former are more elongated, larger, and have a wavy central groove. On the other hand, the latter is smaller, more rounded and with a straight groove.

Look for the Best Bar-Type Coffee Makers

Arabica has always been considered the most valuable seed, but it comes down to the difference between the aromas and flavors that can be found in the cup.

Specifically, Robusta offers a caffeinated beverage with a strong, strong flavour, with a “chocolate” aftertaste. On the other hand, Arabica offers a more delicate, light, and citrusy aromatic flavour. From their meeting, in different proportions, the combinations that we like so much are born. But there are also single-source coffees, which include the world’s finest coffee powders, made from a single type of coffee bean.

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Best coffee brand

Is there a better brand of coffee? The answer to this question is not easy, and not just because there are so many companies vying for this “title”: deciding which cup is better than the other means taking into account many factors, from the type of grain chosen to roasting, and from grinding to packaging.

So let’s say that among the best and of the same (high) quality, determining the outstanding blend is also a matter of taste: some want a strong and intense espresso, and those who prefer it sweeter and smoother.

We are fortunate, especially in Italy: the best companies in the world guarantee us the finest cups. Different brands, to rotate up every day depending on your preference.

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