How to shoot macro well and relive unforgettable views from summer

How to shoot macro well and relive unforgettable views from summer

  • Our smartphones sometimes have very advanced functions, but we don’t take the time to explore them.
  • Among them, macro photography, which makes it possible to immortalize subjects of very small size.
  • 20 minutes explaining how to take advantage of the summer vacation to improve this job.

Closer, sharper…or blurry? Turn on macro photography smart phone It is often a risky game that can generate as much satisfaction as frustration. And even if your mobile device has a lens dedicated to macro photography, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll succeed in getting shots as close as possible to your subjects (flowers, insects, textures, patterns, details, etc.) in all the strokes. during holidaysTemptations, however, will be numerous to perpetuate such great views which, when successful, will make you proud and admire your loved ones, even your own admiration. followers. 20 minutes Gives you some tips so you don’t miss it and get Likes !

Macro goal: a marketing argument?

Ultra Wide Angle, Wide Angle, Macro: Many smartphones feature a full array of lenses to capture all your photos…and attract clients. behind the controversy marketing It often hides a more contrasting reality.

However, if your smartphone has a macro lens, you’ll be able to take advantage of it by getting as close as possible to your subject and pulling back slowly until the focus is effective.

Sometimes the prevalence of lenses on smartphones is a marketing argument. -doctor

Step back a few centimeters, then press the shutter button. It may be necessary to start over several times, as development can be difficult. And more often if your subject is moving. Photographing Venus up close when it’s windy is obviously an impossible task!

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If you can, bringing a tripod (even a pocket one) will always be a plus and will save you from a blurry photo. Still, there’s no miracle to be expected from a macro lens (its sensor allows for a shorter focusing distance): its definition, a few megapixels, is mostly mediocre and in no way bodes well for the photos you’ll be able to print. It can only look good on your smartphone screen…or on social media.

The ultra wide angle to the rescue

If your smartphone does not have a dedicated lens for macro photography, there will be a procession if your device – as it is now – is equipped with ultra-wide-angle optics. Thanks to him, you can get very (very) close to a subject in order to photograph its details. I’m not sure the photo works on first press of the shutter button, but the result can be stunning… at the cost of slight distortion at the edges of the parallax (ultrawide angle required). A slight crop will then allow you to blur the resulting effect. Not always artistic…

taken with Google Pixel 7 Pro, the photo below attests to the full potential of the ultra wide angle… in telephoto photography. And if your smartphone has a Pro mode in photos, you can control the settings by manually controlling the focus.

The ultra wide angle used for a macro type photo on the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Christophe Sefrin / 20 minutes

Again, a tripod can be very useful. To decorate your image, feel free to apply a small vignetting effect to it in post-production. By darkening the outlines of your subject, you will give it more visual power.

Lens kits…just in case!

Going further, it is possible to attach your smartphone to a photo collage which will be grafted onto the main lens with a clip-on system. different brands, eg cup ; apixel or Bixter We offer them.

The Photo Macro Pro 2 Pack of the French brand Pixter, sold for 71 euros with a tripod. – Bixter

With external lenses, the role of an additional lens will be played by a small insert, as in Classic camera With interchangeable lenses. The advantage is that you will benefit from the high resolution of your main image sensor along with the lenses, often made of optical glass and without distortion effects, which will not only allow you to shoot up close, but also with a level of detail and sharpness. No smartphone can provide it.

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Beware, however, that this type of equipment can quickly be worth several tens of euros (such as the Macro HD lens from Apexel that sold for 45 euros). And the images obtained, no matter how beautiful they are, are not as well defined as with the camera.

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