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How to hide ‘writing’ on WhatsApp? 3 Little-Known Tips for Writing in Stealth Mode!

Do you want to write incognito messages on WhatsApp? Here’s how to hide the ‘Write’ notification.

WhatsApp is a file instant messaging app. As a result, it has everything from instantaneous to point-to-point to your interlocutor with notification “Writing” where ” writing “. But if an alert can give confidence to the person who is waiting for a response, this is not always the case for the person who sends the response. If you want to take your time or don’t want us to expect your answer, you can Hide this notification. Heres how to do it.

1. Reply with notifications

To hide the “Write” notification on WhatsApp, you can Reply with notifications. To do this, go to the settings of your WhatsApp messaging app. Click on ” Notices On this tab, activate “. Important priority notifications This allows you to view all your received messages. From the top of your phone screen. When you receive a WhatsApp message, you can see it on your phone screen, even when it’s locked. All you have to do is Unfold the message via notificationstap Reply and submit your response.

Watch the video below for a file Detailed step by step tutorial On this unknown way!

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2. Put your phone on airplane mode/cut wifi/mobile data

To hide “typing” on WhatsApp, another trick is to put your phone on airplane mode, turn off Wifi, or cut off mobile data. This disables instant mode from the messaging app. You can then open your WhatsApp app, enter the conversation and type your message. At the end, deactivate the Wifi mode, Activate mobile data Or turn off Airplane mode to get online again. Then you just have to click to send the message.

airplane mode whatsapp

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3. Use a third party app

If the above methods do not convince you, you can opt for a third-party app. The best for this purpose remains Flychat. This allows you Reply to WhatsApp messages Even without opening the conversation. Your interlocutor will not even know whether you have seen the message or not. will only see Your answer by surprise.

However, with Flychat, it is impossible for youaccess to Voice messages or evenSend new messages for hubs. The latter should send you a message first. But the advantage is that you can answer, even from the lock screen.

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