How to get a visa and what to see in New Zealand

How to get a visa and what to see in New Zealand

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Anyone traveling to New Zealand, traveling by plane or on a cruise ship, must have a visa. The only exceptions are those with a New Zealand (or Australian) passport.

There are three common types: tourism, study and work. Visits with family and friends are also considered ‘tourist’, while training courses, conferences, and other types of meetings are considered part of ‘business trips’.

To obtain a visa, it is possible to count on the Internet; By ordering it online, you do not need to go to the embassy or consulate. If the request is for work reasons, it is very important to have a contract on hand or, in any case, a promise of employment.

The Electronic Travel Authorization is known as the NZeTA (short for “New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority”). To fill out an application form New Zealand visa The internet only takes a few minutes.

Once the application has been submitted, the application will be reviewed by the New Zealand Department of Immigration. Once approval is received, confirmation is sent via SMS; The visa will be sent via email. After printing the document, the applicant will be asked to carry it with them during the flight.

NZeT Timing and Validity

The maximum number of working days required to deliver the visa by e-mail equals 5. If the trip is imminent, the option “Expedited Delivery” is available, which can be selected directly from the application form. This type of delivery sees the document issued, in most cases, within 60 minutes of the order. However, there is no guarantee regarding actual delivery times. In the event that the application is rejected, you will have to proceed with a different type of visa: thus, the timing will tend to be lengthy. The validity period of the NZeTA is 2 years, and it allows you to handle an unlimited number of flights. However, each stay cannot exceed 3 consecutive months. This means that in one year a person has the opportunity to stay for a period of no more than 6 months in the territory of New Zealand.


The first prerequisite to being able to apply for a New Zealand visa is to have a passport with a validity of at least 3 months. This time period starts from the date of departure of the flight. It is also necessary to have a return ticket or, alternatively, a transit ticket upon arrival. The third condition? Show, after arriving on the territory of New Zealand, that you have the resources that will allow you to finish the trip as planned. Those intending to travel to the “All Blacks” country must not be employed by a company that is active there, and do not have any serious health problems.

What to see in New Zealand

The territory of New Zealand is famous all over the world for its pristine nature, which is distinguished by especially bright colors and truly unique plants. Among the must-visit destinations for those on a tourist visa are certainly Abel Tasman National Park and Fiordland National Park. The former offers several kilometers of golden beaches, which feature both fauna and flora, both of which are protected. Those who love to snorkel will be surprised by the beauty of the coral reefs. But a nice boat ride is also a good way to spend a carefree day. As for the Fiordland National Park, with its extension of more than 12,000 square kilometers, it is the largest park in the oceanic state. From dolphins to seals, goats and rare birds, the diversity of wildlife is astounding. Being an area filled with mountains, it allows the mountaineering enthusiasts to venture into excursions. There is no shortage of waterfalls, glaciers and above all typical New Zealand fjords.


Among the tourist destination cities, Auckland, a real landing spot, deserves a mention. It’s the perfect place to start exploring some Tourist attractions in New Zealand. There are many museums, with the Auckland Art Gallery at the top of the list. Its rooms present more than 15,000 works, spanning across multiple historical periods. Inside there are also contemporary works and modern art. Auckland is also famous for its waterfront and for the tallest architectural structure in the entire nation: the Sky Tower, from the top you can enjoy a 360-degree view.

bay of islands

If time permits, the advice is to get to the Bay of Islands, an area made up of 144 islands. The sandy beaches and numerous coves and fauna amaze second to none, with species such as whales, dolphins and penguins. One of the region’s most popular coastal villages, Russell is a seaside destination with some of New Zealand’s oldest buildings, from Christ Church to Pompeii Mission.


Queenstown is located in the southern part of the South Island, near Lake Wakatipu. The ski slopes have surely contributed to its fame. Diving enthusiasts have the opportunity to be active in any season. The same goes for those who practice rafting and bungee jumping. The highest jump in the entire world is found in Queenstown: the Shotover Canyon Swing.


An ultimate destination for those choosing to go on vacation to New Zealand? Wanaka, a true gateway to a wilderness area that includes lakes, waterfalls, beech forests, and glaciers. Some of these natural features can be seen in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. If kayaking, cruises, and fishing, as well as water sports, drive many tourists to Wanaka, the area is also ideal for skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking.

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