How Technology Will Affect The Development of Online Casinos

Groundbreaking technologies are one of the characteristics of the 21st century. Despite the frequent release of these innovations, there remains huge anticipation for them because people know that life will only become easier and more interesting with their unveiling.

The same applies to the gambling industry. Style of gameplay and the level of entertainment have been finetuned thanks to tech trends. Today, players have better access to casino games compared to decades ago. Even the popular slot machines have been relegated to the side in favour of online slots.

New technologies have indeed impacted the way casinos games are played, and in this article, our guest author Kim Pascoe will tell you what are the most impactful trends in the iGaming industry.

VR Gambling Experience

Virtual reality currently occupies the top position in the gambling experience. Just like in any other sector where VR is utilized, the reaction of its users in the online casino industry remains one of awe. This tech has gone past the testing phase and is now available to players who own VR devices. With their headset, they can wager on games like slots, roulette and blackjack in full immersion.

More Rewarding Games

Technology in casinos has come to stay. Innovations like massive games catalogue, game design and incentives have ensured that no one will want to go back to what has been in the past. Every Kiwi signing up to an online casino can look forward to some amazing bonus offers like free spins, no deposit bonus, and progressive jackpots. If well utilized, these incentives could become your vehicle to incredible wins. You can find casinos that offer the most exciting games and awesome bonuses at

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Payment Methods

Online casino technology has also bettered the way players make payments. In the past, the top banking options were bank wire transfer and debit/credit cards. That’s no longer the case because we now have more payment services. Some work by a bank transfer, while others require the use of electronic wallets. These new additions have indeed streamlined online casino payments and made deposit and withdrawal transactions more efficient.

Furthermore, the coming of cryptocurrencies took online casino payments to a whole new level. It led to the creation of crypto casinos where players who have digital assets can use them to play their favourite games. This online casino technology has become such a big deal because it solves one of the biggest problems of punters – the need to gamble anonymously.

Crypto casinos will ensure that your identity remains hidden. You won’t be asked to reveal any personal information when trying to fund your casino account or take your earnings from it. In addition to this, you will complete all transactions in record time. No more delays like when you use other payment options.

Mobile Experience

The subject of technology in casinos will be incomplete without the mention of mobile gambling. What used to be strictly a desktop affair have now been extended to mobile users thanks to smartphone technology. Top operators now make provision for a mobile platform so that punters can gamble wherever they find themselves.

Some online casinos go the extra mile to build an app for Android and iOS devices. These can be downloaded either from the Google Play Store or the App Store. But if they can’t be found there, check the casino’s website and you will find a link to download their mobile app, or simply use the mobile version of the site.

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The games found in the mobile casino are the same as the ones in the desktop version. They have the same graphic and sound qualities and style of play. If there is any difference at all, then it should be on the display. The games in the mobile casino are smaller compared to the desktop games because they’ve been reduced to fit the screens of smartphones and tablets.

Better Security

It is not enough that you’re playing games in an online casino, your safety should also be put into consideration. Online casino technology has made this a non-issue. The online casinos we have nowadays do not take security for granted. 

This is why you will find advanced security systems like SSL and others in most modern casinos. With them in place, punters can bet without fear knowing that their money and data cannot be accessed by hackers. If you want to gamble, do so in online casinos with high-level security. 


Technology has moved online casino gambling forward. All aspects of the business have been improved upon – there are better games now, terrific customer service, safer platforms, and reliable payment options. The list is endless. With what we’ve witnessed so far, one can only imagine the impact newer technologies will have on the online gambling industry 10 years from now. 

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