How network segmentation enhances cloud security for your business?

How network segmentation enhances cloud security for your business?

An integral part of cloud security is conducting network segmentation. Today, every data that’s associated with your business is on the cloud. And as days pass, every application that’s required for your day-to-day is also going online. In a nutshell, every department in your organization has to depend on the cloud. So, the question that lies is how do you enhance the security of cloud data? Through network segmentation, you can enrich the security of company data that’s most crucial to you. Segmentation blocks traffic preventing hackers to attack laterally across networks and limits any chance of regulatory audits. 

Network segmentation keeps your data limited to you. But, executing such in-depth security measures can get daunting. To successfully integrate network segmentation, you need an efficient third-party organization with the ability to execute such extended security practices. Several challenges relate to network segmentation. You should be aware of these to make a better decision when choosing a competitive cloud security organization. 

  • Segregation of traffic sources to block unauthorized ones from entering the network segment is a preliminary step towards enhanced cloud security. 
  • Continued monitoring and assessment of any alteration in the network and its impact on the segment. 
  • Adhere to Cisco ACI and VMWare NSX, among other necessary software that issues their own micro-segments. 
  • Update the network segment by the changing requirements and rule sets. 

For an enterprise-level segment, one of the greater areas of challenge is conducting several network segmentation from department to department and person to person. While doing that might not be a problem, what comes next, which is compiling with the firewall rulesets differently for each network segment, becomes a problem. The more segments, the more difficult it becomes to deploy customized firewall rule sets. However, this is also one of the aspects that you, a business owner, can look into when hiring a network security organization. Network segmentation that’s not clearly defined can crumble into pieces when the time comes. You don’t want that for your business.

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If the right tactics and network security options implement, you will have a thriving business where firewall rule sets and network segments coexist peacefully. A business is more prone to virtual threats now, more than ever. You have got to protect the core data – the pillars of your organization. The best way to secure your assets is by using network segmentation. If you already work with a firewall security company, ask them if there is an option to boost your business cube security via network segmentation. If it’s not been implemented yet, it’s high time you do. 

Sit with your network provider, prepare a segmentation plan. Categorize your data from the most crucial to the least. Think about what’s the data that would completely shatter your business and bring it to zero. It can be your customer base, your financials, or other data. Conduct a thorough analysis before fixing your network segments. Remember, the more segments, the harder it is to establish rules for your firewalls. 

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