How many planets can revolve around the sun?

How many planets can revolve around the sun?

The number of planets that make up our solar system is eight. As you probably know, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune revolve around our star; the sun. But are they the only ones circling around him?

unparalleled system

Our planetary system is specific because it contains more planets than most other systems known to date. Scientists and astronomers Take 812 into accounteach of which does not exceed three planets per system, or rarely.

However, our rarity is not unique because the system called “Kepler-90” will contain as many planets as ours. and this is “Encyclopedia of Extrasolar Planets” Which proves it to us. So the solar system will be unique, with a few exceptions. “It looks like he lives in another galaxy.” will tend to sayCeline Dion… however no.

Sometimes an inaccurate science…

However, we cannot determine whether all systems contain fewer planets, because some of them will be small in size and therefore undetectable by the means currently available to humans. In essence, researchers at astronomy They are also theorists, because they cannot always prove their calculations scientifically and materially. because Some natural factors Keep in mind, for them it is necessary to imagine everything.

Thus, the structure of the system depends multilateral ; The size of the star (the Sun for us), the size of the planets, the type of planet (rocky, gaseous), the number of moons or natural satellites in orbit around each planet, the location of the asteroids, their speed, the distance between them …

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Does size matter?

Finally, the system requires “Hundreds of millions of years of collisions and gravitational change before settling permanently in time and in a certain place.”according to an astrophysicist in Purdue, Sean Raymond.
will have It is entirely possible to “add” hundreds of planets When all gravity is respected and does not interfere with each other. On the other hand, the size of each of them should not be too large to avoid interfering with their neighbors. In other words, there will theoretically be It can accommodate hundreds of planets Around the sun.

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