How Krokola Started Relaunching ‘Wonders of the World’ Chocolate

How Krokola Started Relaunching ‘Wonders of the World’ Chocolate

They have been disappearing from supermarket shelves since 2007, after nearly 30 years of good and loyal service. tablets chocolate Wonders of the World will return to stores at the beginning of February, much to the delight, no doubt, of those nostalgic for animals carved on chocolate boxes and collectible cards. Behind this renaissance, we find the young company Marseille Krokola, already present in 2000 points of sale in France with high quality chocolates for children and edutainment content inside.

“Apart from Milka and Kinder, there wasn’t much for children in the world of chocolate,” says Amélie Coulombe, co-founder of Krokola. These products are often very sweet, closer to confectionery than chocolate in tasting. On the strength of this observation, she acquired CAP Chocolate and then launched her brand in April 2021 with her partner, who quickly found her place in the big brands. When the opportunity arose to relaunch “Merveilles du monde”, the team did not hesitate: “It is a brand we grew up with, which means a lot to us. It has been arrested for fifteen years, but it still maintains a notoriety of 30% and an influence, emotional, powerful Extremely. “

Nature Challenge cards

“At the time, Nestlé wanted to refocus on more of its global brands,” Amelie Colombe continues. However, in such a strategy, the translation of collectible cards is complicated. The “Marvels of the World” trademark was sold to Krokola as part of a tender won by another historic brand acquisition company. However, the adventure begins again, so to speak, from scratch. The basics are still the same, Amélie Coulombe reassures, however, namely the recipe [chocolat, noisettes et amandes pilées, arôme naturel de vanille], which had to be found, the large squares, the animals in relief and the group effect which brings something extra to the experience. »

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Thus we will find, in a more modern design, symbolic animals such as the lion and the giraffe, but also plants and endangered species that must be protected. On the card side, the company has formed a partnership with the challenges of nature, which designs the cards to be cut directly into the carton packaging, in order to save paper for recycling. The “Wonders of the World” chocolate bars will not be made near Avignon, as their Crocola counterparts are, but this time in the Loire. Cocoa beans are always fair trade. Starting January 10, dark and milk chocolate bars will be on sale in advance via Ulule. It’s time, by that time, to finalize the almost finished templates.

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