How is New Zealand dealing with Covid alerts?

How is New Zealand dealing with Covid alerts?

The Caledonian government is considering creating an alert system based on the New Zealand system, where, since last year, four levels allow for the immediate implementation of preventive measures depending on the evolution of the risks of Covid.

Thierry Santa already mentioned it on Saturday duringAnnouncement to extend detention for a week : « We must learn the lessons of the past few weeks and adapt, once again, to respond faster, more effectively and more accurately to the next alert, because there will be others. “The Prime Minister indicated.
During Monday’s press point, government spokesperson Christopher Giggs emphasized that the Executive was particularly considering being inspired by the New Zealand model where a series of alerts would allow residents to react quickly and in an appropriate manner.

CAUTION 1, stay prepared

In Alert 1, when the pandemic is deemed ‘under control’, New Zealanders are urged to remain prepared. Movements and gatherings are allowed and you are simply asked to continue to apply barrier gestures such as washing hands regularly, staying home in case of symptoms and noting places you go to facilitate case tracking when needed.

Alert 2, first restrictions

When, despite these precautions, groups are identified in more than one area, New Zealand goes to alert 2. Then gatherings are limited to a hundred people, the rules of physical distancing apply again whether at school, at work, in stores or places of entertainment – which remains Open – wearing a mask becomes mandatory on public transport and on domestic flights.

Caution 3, stricter measures

Switching to alert 3 occurs when several groups are selected in several regions. New Zealanders have to stay at home or at least in a personal bubble, and that means very limited contact with the same people. This makes it possible, for example, to visit relatives or take advantage of help at home.
Schools are open but with limited capacity, remote work should be preferred and gatherings of more than ten people are prohibited, except for weddings, funerals, swimming pools, libraries and markets are closed.

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Caution 4, confinement

Finally, when an epidemic is considered out of control, it is on alert 4, so the population is quarantined. You have to stay home, travel is very limited, and schools are closed. Only essential businesses are allowed to remain open.

Details of the alerts can be found at New Zealand government website.

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