How is astronomy used in teaching? look into space

Astronomy is certainly the oldest science, and it was already practiced in the most distant times to guide our ancestors on their first migrations around the world. However, modernization and the facilities provided by technology have further and further alienated us from this fundamental science of humanity.

With the aim of strengthening our relationship with the universe, GEPEA was created, the Rubens de Azevedo Group for Studies and Research on Astronomy, which for three years has been providing astronomy to primary and secondary school students in Paraíba. . The work of this group has shown excellent results, which are reflected in the increased performance of students in the classroom and in the extracurricular activities that the group encourages.

Olhar Espacial, 29, welcomes astronomy teaching specialist Lucivania Souza on Friday. Photo: Personal Archives

To find out more about this project, be sure to watch Friday Regard sur l’Espace (29), which will welcome Lucivânia Souza, one of the GEPEA Coordinators.

In addition to the GEPEA format, Lucivânia teaches mathematics, physics and astronomy. She graduated in Mathematics and MA and PhD in Education Sciences (UFPE), and is also a specialist in Teaching Astronomy (UFRPE). It is part of the Brazilian Astronomical Society (SAB) and the Astronomical Society of Paraíba (APA), as well as being a member of the Northern and Northeastern Astronomical Association (LINNEA) and the Brazilian Astronomical Union (UBA), where it joined the Coordinating Council of the Messier-Pullman Club Committee.

Lucivânia this week welcomed the visit of APA astronomers to the work of disseminating science among public school students in the municipality of Piedra Lafrada, in Paraíba. Among them were the organization’s president, Marcelo Zurita, who is also a SAB member, technical director of the Brazilian Meteorite Monitoring Network (BRAMON) and Regional (Northeast) Coordinator for Asteroid Day in Brazil, as well as a columnist for a newspaper digital appearance Presented by Ulhar Espiel.

The program will be broadcast live, every Friday at 9 pm, through the vehicle’s official channels on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TwitterLinkedin and Tik Tok.

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