How Hamad Saeed Raghash Went from Humble beginnings to a leading Expert of UAE Heritage.

In a fast digital age holding a giant boom of technology advancement and social media prevalance. Although comes with various and diverse benefits to the people, it can come with associated shortcomings, predominately on the newer generations as they get influenced globally and with a simple click of button. This can have determinantal effect on the newer generation beliefs and values including cultural identity due to the, confusion the state of digital world might be holding. Consequently, leading to the lack of awareness of one’s cultural roots and heritage of one’s country.

This can be easily overcame if we have the likes of Hamad Saeed Raghash in every country! Hailing from the UAE and Fueled with his love and passion to his beloved country: UAE, he keeps reminding us of the good old days, as he made researching his country’s past in every possible way his main priority, to constantly educate the people of his country about the heritage of one of the most growing nations in the world.

Inevitably his continuous work yielded a lot of love and admiration from the masses to become a household name and icon, when it comes to knowing about the heritage of the UAE. His charismatic and humble personality is one of the main factors that led him to be known beyond the UAE boarder to be encompassing the entire Arabian gulf.

What is great about this beautiful and courageous soul is that he comes from a humble beginning. After completing his high school degree, he immediately started work after. Sometime after, his work as a researcher of the old times gained him recognition and admiration.

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Hamad proved to the world that you do not need a university or any fancy degree to give value to the people. You just need passion and unflinching belief on yourself. When asked about how do one keeps motivated and stay courageous, he answered “If you belief in god, then you can never belief in fear” says the brilliant 44-year old, summarizing his inspiring personality as a courageous man.

Beside his successful foray as a heritage researcher, the man also proved himself successful in the world of camel racing and as a sport analyst, we believe that he has much to offer and anticipate anything new he will be offering in the near future. Wishing him luck, prosperity and good health in any endeavor he encounters!

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