How Espace 2M du Roannais is trying to turn the dark and recent page of its history

How Espace 2M du Roannais is trying to turn the dark and recent page of its history

“A public meeting like no other”: that was Espace 2M du Roannais’ promise on Wednesday 21 June to the hull partners. Before joining the lecture hall of the Roanne Labor Exchange, they were able to discover the various services of the local mission and the information center on training and employment:

. Training Project Area, where beneficiaries are supported in the development of their professional project;

. A service work mobilization space, where we strive to bring employable youth out of the world of work,

. Finally, the Employment Space between work and study and ‘Job Training’ workshops.

One goal: to enhance the actions of employees

Giving vision to 40 employees of the structure, strengthening their daily actions with more than 2,000 people supported in 2022: a way to get out on top of the ring that led to the dismissal of its director, Jean-Marc Detour, also an ex. Sports assistant in Rouen and head of the opposition list for the 2020 municipal elections in Rioges.

A truly unparalleled public meeting

Actions are still in progress

“The page has been turned,” confirms in any case the head of Espace 2M, Dominique Bruyere. “However, we have questions about the legal consequences, as we have had no news since the hearing last February.”

The Mayor of Parigny here refers to the suspicious bills related to the business, in particular the office of Jean-Marc Detour for the colossal sum of €58,000. “We are waiting for the fixes, but the procedure is a bit slow for our taste.”

These suspected irregularities also obtained a certificate for the accounts subject to reservations from the auditor, François-Régis Vignon.

We see smiles again in the services, the word is more free and the administration is less hierarchical.

In terms of human management, the extremely tense social situation of the previous months, according to officials, gave way to a return to normal. “The psychiatric cell is active until the end of the year, and a new internal audit will start at the beginning of the next academic year,” Dominique Bruyere specifies. “We’re seeing smiles again in services, speech is freer and our caretaker manager (Fanny Visnox, editor’s note) is less hierarchical. Staff are involved in decision-making, discussion times and joy times are organized. Trade unions plan to return to structure, and there are plans to organize additional elections To expand representation in CSE at the end of the year.

A scar will never fade, but it will fade over time.

Fanny Visnox (Interim Director and Human Resources at Espace 2M)

On the platform of the public meeting, Fanny Fesnoux also wanted to bring all the employees of Espace 2M to the stage in order to get acclaim for the help. “A scar will never fade, but it will with time,” says the person who is also the HR advocate for the structure. “We do everything we can to ensure there is luxury in the business.”

Fabian Zighini

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