How does the United States intend to maintain its leadership over China?

How does the United States intend to maintain its leadership over China?

Alexis Guilleux, Editing by Ophélie Artaud

With the Artemis mission still around the moon, with a return to Earth scheduled for Sunday, NASA’s next plans are to conquer Mars. A way to keep the US ahead of China. To that end, the state grants an increase in the space agency’s budget to $26 billion.

Americans are determined to maintain their leadership in the conquest of space. there is here Artemis missionis currently going around the moon. Back to Earth scheduled for Sunday. NASA is counting on it to get ready to send a manned mission to Mars.

NASA is trying to maintain its lead over China

Americans are at the helm of almost all Mars missions. Just China Also send a robot to the red planet. Since 2018, the Insight probe has been analyzing the internal structure of Mars. A few weeks ago, I caught the sound of a meteor hitting Martian soil. NASA also has two exploration rovers, Curiosity and Perseverance, whose mission is to collect rock samples to better understand the history of water on Mars. Future missions will return these samples to Earth in the early 2030s.

There is a consensus in the American political class, as Mars exploration allows United State to maintain their leadership over China. NASA’s budget will also rise by 8% next year, to $26 billion. All of the US space agency’s work is converging toward a medium-term goal: to send humans to Mars by 2040. It’s going to be a long journey. Figure out at least two and a half years for the entire human mission on the Red Planet. Two way travel.

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