How can we maintain our goals?

How can we maintain our goals?

More than 40 percent of people surveyed started their streak on Jan. 1, according to one study.

As the calendar turns to 2024, people around the world are making New Year's resolutions, a tradition believed to have been around for thousands of years.

Perhaps an extra day in leap year 2024 will finally help us achieve long-elusive goals, such as reducing alcohol and tobacco consumption to stay fit.

Researchers say our goal setting is part of a universal desire to want to expand and grow.

“One of the things that makes New Year’s resolutions so exciting is that we can start from scratch, set aside expectations and unfulfilled goals and set new ones,” says Omid Fotohi, a social psychologist and director of learning innovation at WGU. Laboratories.

Florida resident Josh Moore wants to be healthier this year.

He plans to “reduce my alcohol consumption and cigar consumption.” “Try to save money and generally try to live your best life,” Moore said.

A marketing study published in 2023 found that streaks play a crucial role in motivating people, and that many of them start streaks on New Year's Day.

According to the study, more than 40% of those surveyed started their streak on January 1.

“One of the greatest talents of people, in particular in the context of the course in the course, was used on January 1st as the date to start the course,” said Danny Weathers, professor and director from the marketing department of the University of Clemson. in the United States of America.

People expect streaks to become habits, but Withers says running a mile or learning a language isn't like buckling up when you get into a car.

“You don't know how long or how many days you've been wearing a seat belt. Compare that to behaviors like running a mile a day, and there are a number of people who have running streaks, or Duolingo streaks, or Wordle streaks.

Weathers says that sequences work effectively for those who have a great need for structure.

“People feel like they have to keep going. It's a bigger goal and people like to achieve their goals. Daily behavior is a short-term goal. Maintaining that streak is a long-term goal. People get excited about that,” Withers said.

Not everyone is equally enthusiastic about planning, but Withers believes monitoring and tracking technology can help.

“I think most of the growth in lines is happening in the online world…marketers can send notifications if your plan is about to expire. We've seen a growth in technology and the ability to track people's behavior which has led to an increase in the number of impressions in the online world,” Withers said. “.

Some scientists also say it's important to set realistic goals to keep resolutions.

“For example, maybe they had a certain weight that they were in when they were in high school, and they stuck to that same desired weight for decades. But that no longer matters in terms of who they are,” Fotohi said.

“It's important to ground it based on who you are and where you currently are in order to set appropriate goals.” »

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