Kaboul, le 21 septembre 2021. Le porte-parole du gouvernement taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, lors d

How Afghanistan’s new masters control their image

Between propaganda, bans and reality on the ground, three French photojournalists recount their meticulous work in Afghanistan.

Since the end of August, the Taliban have returned to power in Afghanistan. And they want to show it to the world. Three photojournalists met and photographed These are the new masters of Kabul, tell us about their communication strategy, their relationship to the image, the faces they agree to show, and those they hide, but also the human moments they capture in their reporting.

Proud and victorious soldiers, Taliban propaganda flags

An image from a trailer dated late August/early September 2021 showing Taliban special forces – Fateh Zwak or “The Victorious Force” – displaying their victory after capturing Afghanistan. These soldiers use the vehicles, equipment, and uniforms left by the Americans. Balqis Press / Abaka

In propaganda images broadcast in clips filmed between late August and early September on social networks or pro-Taliban news sites, the Special Forces – “The conqueror is weak” and “the victor’s strength” – Parad.

Taliban soldiers show their strength and power with American uniforms and equipment. They stand proudly victorious.

Kabul airport, August 31, 2021. A Taliban fighter poses as he sits in the cockpit of an Afghan Air Force plane after the departure of US forces. MP Kohser / Agence France-Presse

Photographer Véronique de Viguerie, published in September Report in Figaro MagazineShe has a lot

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