Horse riding legend gets embroiled in new animal abuse scandal

Horse riding legend gets embroiled in new animal abuse scandal

World riding legend and double Olympic champion, New Zealander Mark Todd finds himself at the center of a global controversy. A video clip, spread on social media, showed the former jockey hitting a horse with a piece of wood.

Scandalous photos moved the riding world for a few days. Pictures straight from another era, another time, which current norms no longer support. New Zealander Mark Todd has come under widespread criticism after posting a video showing the former superstar rider hitting a horse with a wooden branch.

In 2022, when the animal cause has so many supporters, such behavior would logically deserve a media storm for this true riding legend even if the video is already two years old as revealed by the tabloid. the sun.

A few days after the sequence was posted on social media and in the press, the British Riding Association (BHA) on Wednesday announced the temporary suspension of Mark Todd’s license via communication. Whether in domestic competitions or in international events, the British rider would not be able to compete for the duration of the procedure and investigation against him.

Sad picture of horse riding icon

After the sad images of German Annika Schleu beating her horse during the pentathlon at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the riding world is in turmoil once again with this Mark Todd relationship.

A double Olympic champion in Los Angeles and Seoul (1984 and 1984), a five-time medalist in the seven games he played between 1984 and 2016, the 65-year-old New Zealander is one of the best competitors in the story.

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Queen Elizabeth II was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1985, and awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1995. Sir Mark Todd was also elected the Best Rider of the 20th Century by the International Riding Federation (FEI).

Now converted as owner and trainer of horses for competitions, Mark Todd quickly apologized for the behavior highlighted in this video posted on social networks.

“The coach admitted that he was the person involved in the video. Mark Todd apologized for his actions and accepted the suspension,” the British Airports Association confirmed in its statement on the incident.

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