Honda lost in space and time

Honda lost in space and time

The watches of many Honda models have returned to January 1, 2002

On January 1, 2022, thousands of Honda models from 2005 to 2013, equipped with built-in GPS, found themselves 20 years earlier. A bug affecting a dashboard clock that was showing up for a fictional period… in January 2002.

Since the early days of January 2022, Honda owners around the world have started reporting clock problems. Their Hondas often switched to DST on January 1, 2002. Attempts to manually adjust or attempts to reset after disconnecting the battery did not help. The error is limited to a single watch, and no other command or function of the vehicle is affected by this unusual rollback.
The issue might be related to the date control failing when switching to the new year, similar to the Y2K22 error reported by Microsoft. Simply put, January 1, 2022 00:00 in the form YYMMDDHHMM (YY = year, MM = month, DD = day, HH = hour, MM = minutes) is written 2201010000 and exceeds the number 2147483647, a critical value that appears in a large number of computer software boundaries.

The manufacturer’s representative in Britain said he was investigating the problem in order to “decide on appropriate countermeasures” and encouraged him customers to contact their local dealers. For its part, the American subsidiary of Honda announced It is unlikely that a withdrawal will be made But the situation should automatically correct itself by August 2022.

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