Hollywood’s “Queen of Scams” is ready for delivery to the United States

The scammer is said to have extracted more than $1 million from over 300 film professionals by posing as influential Hollywood women.

By Le Figaro with AFP

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Among the Hollywood executives whose identity the fraudster impersonated is Kathleen Kennedy, a senior director of Lucasfilm. logoboom/stock.adobe.com

The British judiciary on Tuesday gave the go-ahead for the extradition of Hargobind Tahilramani, an alleged fraudster aka“Hollywood scam queen” To make hundreds of thousands of dollars from film professionals by posing as influential women in Hollywood.

Of Indonesian origin, this talent for imitating female voices and accents is accused of forgiving more than $1 million from more than 300 people, including actors, screenwriters and photographers, between 2013 and 2020. He was arrested in 2020 in England following his November indictment. 2019 by a California court.

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Fishing list is full

Among the Hollywood personalities that Hargobind Tahilramani has impersonated is Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm (saga) star Wars) and former Sony CEO Amy Pascal and former Paramount Studios CEO Sherry Lansing. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife Wendy was also reportedly impersonated by the suspect, who also sometimes posed as a male executive. According to the indictment, the alleged fraudster contacted film professionals in various disciplines and offered prestigious and lucrative job opportunities for fictional projects. The only condition: going to Indonesia for site scouting, documentation or preparatory work on the script.

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Upon their arrival, the victims were relieved of their money at the slightest opportunity by the accomplices who took advantagetransportation feesAnd other exorbitant advances that production is supposed to compensate for later. The boobies never saw the color of their money again, and those who complained or expressed doubts were openly threatened by Hargobind Tahilramani, who intimidated them by sending pictures of their children or talking about them.”shredderTo oppose his extradition to the US, his lawyers argued that conditions of detention in this country would violate human rights, and highlighted the impact of detention on his health in near isolation. It is now up to British Home Secretary Soella Braverman to order Hargobind Tahilramani’s extradition .

Contacted by AFP, the Interior Ministry said it did not want to comment on an individual case. HarperCollins Publishing has purchased the rights to this incredible story, written by Scott Johnson, a former journalist forHollywood Reporter. The book will go on sale Tuesday.

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