His mother, Robert, passed away

His mother, Robert, passed away

Just two months after losing her father, Mimi Mathy has just said goodbye to her mother. Robert passed away at the age of 92.

within two months, Mimi Mathi She went through two very painful phases, namely The loss of his father, Marcel then that of His mother is Robert Last August 16, his funeral took place in his hometown of Lyon.
A religious ceremony was held on Thursday 19 August At the Basilica of Saint-Denis in Brunn, followed by burial in the mass grave.

Robert, infallible support for his daughter Mimi Mathi

The self-consecrated mother leaves behind her famous older daughter Mimi, 64, as well as the actress’ younger sisters, Frederick and Mary.
. Mimi Mathi was very close to her mother, who always supported her in her difference. In 2016, he was in columns Telepoche which Robert Mathey had been captivated by the day she learned of her daughter’s suffering: “No one noticed anything during the first months“.
Shortly before Mimi Mathi’s first birthday, her paternal grandmother took her to see a specialist. A date that Robert will remember. “Ma’am, your little girl has achondroplasia, and she’s not going to get much older. Its head will grow but its limbs are not many‘, she remembered.

His mother, Robert, had taken Mimi Mathy to Lourdes

If the news is particularly bad for the family, Robert Mathey never lost hope. “She was our daughter, we adored her‘ She had always said so Telepoche, before adding:We went to see the teacher who told us: “Your daughter will be like this, science can’t help her.” Since science can’t help it, our daughter, we’ll take her to Lord“.
finally, Robert’s wish was not fulfilledBut his daughter became a “huge” star. She is so proud of her career that Josephine Guardian’s mother went to heaven!

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