‘Hiking trail not found’: Man stuck on cliff after following Google Maps directions

‘Hiking trail not found’: Man stuck on cliff after following Google Maps directions

The second rescue operation of this kind in less than two months. After that, Google ended up removing the route from its maps.

the Global Positioning System They are extraordinary tools. But they are not necessarily infallible. It is not uncommon to see users following paths that lead them to dead ends.

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But these devices aren’t the only ones that go off the rails from time to time. The huge one Google It may also have some drawbacks. This hiker learned it the hard way.

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Vancouver-based Canadian Rescue Services (North Shore Rescue) reported that a hiker got lost despite himself. In fact, he found himself stuck on a cliff behind Mount Frome after following the path… on Google Maps.

The hiker ventured up Mount Frome.
Screenshot – @googlemaps

Ghost trail

The unfortunate man was (thankfully) rescued by helicopter. Two rescuers were airlifted to this area. According to what the New York Post reported from NSRthe hiker didn’t have it “Just minimal equipment, no flashlight, and bad hiking shoes.”. He was then directed to an area where the helicopter was able to pick up the three men.

But it is not an isolated case. In fact, rescuers from North Shore Rescue point out that this is the second such rescue in two months. Two hikers who also got lost on Mount Frome. Blame it on bad directions…from Google Maps!

Still according to the New York PostThe area is very wooded, in fact, “There is no way”. After hearing the news, Google was quick to remove this popular ghost walking trail. For its part, NSR recommends using specialized hiking mobile apps such as CalTopo or Gaia. Or… a paper map and compass.

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