Highveld and Zodiac: Things happen in the giving sector!

Highveld and Zodiac: Things happen in the giving sector!

There is something new in the tender sector, as two major French semi-rigid manufacturers have respectively tendered their new units. If Highfield develops its electric drivetrain, Zodiac offers you a choice between a thermal and electric motor.

Photos: Virginie Bellagalli and Dr

It’s during the fall trade shows Highveld She announced the launch of her collection classicFour models equipped with electric motors Navy Evo Developed by Electronic payment : CL310E, CL340, CL360E, CL380E.

Compared to the thermal ones, these accessories have been slightly modified at the front, in order to provide a larger box, able to accept the larger battery (51.2 V Lithium-LiFePO4). This trunk has also been raised.

The Highfield accessory ePropulsion battery is housed in the front trunk, which has been enlarged for the occasion. © F. Belagali

if CL 310E receive Marine 3.0 Evo (equivalent to 6 hp with a range of 49 miles), you choose the three larger models Marine 6.0 Evo (equivalent to 9.9 horsepower with a range of up to 72 miles).

The manufacturer’s first steps in the field of electricity Highveld It will continue with another type of propulsion, in this case the plane, in cooperation with the New Zealand company Zerojet.

A group called Bedouins

Currently, in prototype form, this 3.40-meter-long accessory will be specially adapted for the aircraft, with rear platforms and a raised floor under which the battery will be placed.

Highfield has partnered with ePropulsion to operate its range of electrical tenders. © F. Belagali

From 9.9 hp, the power can reach 20 hp. there Classic 340E It is served from €17,534 (RPC) with Navy 6.0 Evo.

from his side, Horoscope Just launched the footer series – called Bedouin – Which is provided electrically or thermally.

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Equipped with an aluminum deck and body, these new models present themselves as successors to the old Cadet Rib Alu.

Choosing aluminum allows Zodiac to design models that are lighter and more robust in use, until they fail, for example. It can also be compatible for use as a first small boat in its own right.

The new Nomad tenders feature an aluminum deck and hull. © Dr

There are five models starting in size from 2.70 meters to 3.90 metres (2.7, 3.1, 3.3, 3.6 and 3.9), all available in PVC or neoprene fabric and three color variants. There is waterproof storage on board, and the shipyard offers an (optional) kit consisting of a bench seat and console for those who wish to avoid steering with a tiller.

the Bedouin It has a floor, a waterproof anchor locker and a large forward locker that can accommodate a nanny or a battery, and therefore an electric motor. A partnership has been established with Kahi Who will propose to him Pod 600.

Kahe Pod 600 with Zodiac © DR

Well equipped as standard (double floor, keel protection, removable seat, ladder, etc.), this nomad includes console and seat, launch wheels, cover, and buoyancy guard as options.

starting from €3,190 (for Nomad 2.7 PVC).

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