Hidalgo, Pecres and six other elected officials condemn the “disgrace” of the organization of COP 29 in Azerbaijan

Hidalgo, Pecres and six other elected officials condemn the “disgrace” of the organization of COP 29 in Azerbaijan

This year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) was held in Dubai, a country that has also been criticized for its reliance on hydrocarbons. Amr El-Feki/Reuters

Eight key elected officials from both the right and the left strongly condemned La Tribune Sunday Organizing the twenty-ninth United Nations conference on climate change in Azerbaijan, considering that “A conference of shame and shame for France, the European Union and the democracies“.

In fact, the regime will inevitably use its clothes to exonerate itself from its attacks and assaults on pluralism and human rights.», accuses the mayors of Paris (Anne Hidalgo, PS), Montpellier (Michael Delafosse, PS), Strasbourg (Jean Parseghian, EELV), the presidents of the Ile-de-France region (Valerie Pécresse, LR), Occitanie (Carole Delga, PS) and Hauts -de-France (Xavier Bertrand, LR), as well as the leader of the LR senators, Bruno Ritello, and the former mayor of Marseille, Michel Rubirola (EELV).

Oppression and dependence on hydrocarbons

Azerbaijan will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP29) from 11 to 22 November 2024, according to the resolution adopted on Monday in Dubai by the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28). The country relies heavily on hydrocarbons, which account for about half of its GDP, and received Armenia’s support a few days ago, despite armed incidents that often pit the two countries against each other.

Condemning Baku’s repression of its opponents, including outside its territory, the eight elected officials believe that “Naming a scandal” it is like “The green light for the tribal dictatorial regime led by (President) Ilham Aliyev“.

Moreover, it comes after “Military coup against Armenia and Nagorno-KarabakhThe Armenian separatist enclave was completely restored last September by Azerbaijan, during a lightning attack.

It is necessary to put an end to the impunity of the Baku regime. For this reason, we urgently call on France and the European Union to do everything in their power to ensure that another site is found to host COP29.», concluded the eight elected officials, who also point out «Corruption system“Established by Baku for”Expanding its influence in Europe“.

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