Here's why you should listen to music while eating according to science!

We know that to digest well, you need to eat slowly and enjoy your food. However, one study showed something unexpected: listening to music while eating has certain advantages. We explain why.

It may seem like this unsuitableBut the researchers decided so Bend On the link between music and our way To eat. A priori, when we take our breakfast Or lunch, we don't necessarily think about associating music with it We have a meal.

However, David Guedes, a researcher at the University of Lisbon, and his team have proven that music can actually affect our brain. Taste perception. What exactly did they find during their research?

Participants' experience

Scientists have listened songs Or calm music for participants, then more sounds violent Or more rhythmic music.

Listening to songs SofterThey tasted vegetables like Drcarrotnaturally sweeter, as well biscuit.

Cookies seemed to them associated with sweet songs Sweeter. Other tests also concluded this High-pitched sounds It can also increase the sweetness of foods, while it can increase bass frequencies bitter Culinary preparations.

The rest will follow after this announcement

Music feature

links between Music And the power supply is not Not new. In fact, many restaurants are already using it Music background To influence the eating behavior of customers. Music helps us relax.

Listen to soothing music while eating Certain foods It will allow us to create Positive connection With the latter, according to scholars. This would promote better estimation, esp vegetables for example.

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Therefore, this interesting new scientific perspective can be very inspiring New strategies To promote healthy eating habits. So why not try it?

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