Here’s What Your Eye Color Says About Your Health… And Science Says It!

Here’s What Your Eye Color Says About Your Health… And Science Says It!

Blue, green, brown, hazel, gray … Here are the main eye colors around the world. Brown eyes are the vast majority of the population and only 20% of people have an eye color other than brown. iris color The rarest green.

eye color It determines our genetic origins. related to the quantity melanin It is present in our eyes and is a dark brown pigment that plays an important role in the process of coloring the iris. Scientific studies have suggested that some of the genetic markers associated with eye color may affect your health. We explain.

Healthy eyes

If your eyes are blue, green, or gray, you have a low amount of melanin in the iris to absorb light. Good news, because from a medical point of view, you have a lower risk of developing certain autoimmune diseases such as Vitiligo, for example. The disease that affects the skin is also a breeding ground for the development of type 1 diabetes University of Colorado School of Medicine He also cites lupus or thyroid problems as the least common ailments in people with light eyes.

On the other hand, be careful, because you will be at a disadvantage consuming alcohol compared to someone with dark eyes. In fact, theThe American Journal of Medical Genetics has it He studied alcohol behavior in two categories of people: light-eyed and dark-eyed. The study showed that the rate melanin had an effect on Alcohol resistance And that blue-eyed people, in particular, are at a higher risk of alcohol dependence.

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The health of dark-eyed people

brown eyes It contains a large amount of melanin. This is good news, because your irises block UV rays better and your eyes are better protected in the long run. Muscle degeneration, which can cause visual impairment, is more common in people with light eyes.

However, one of the medical inconveniences you are most likely to avoid is accordingly studies It is skin cancer. In fact, your body naturally produces melanin, and your skin will be better able to catch the sun’s rays (always with a minimum of UPF 30, of course).

Know that your eye color can change over time, depending on exposure to the sun in particular. Of course, whatever your eye color, you should totally wear it sunglasses.

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