Here's the dirtiest thing inside us according to science... and that's not what you think!

Here’s the dirtiest thing inside us according to science… and that’s not what you think!

Yes, a human is “dirtiest” than a toilet bowl… But that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Perhaps you thought your toilet, or your shower trap, was the dirtiest thing in your house. Know very well that you are wrong all the time, because in reality there will be nothing more “dirty” in the place of your life than yourself! So, we’re a little sorry to tell you about this, but that’s anyway for sure Rob DunnThe biologist in his book Never at home alone.

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We assure you, it is actually not a matter of hygiene in the strict sense of the word, but more of the amount of microbes that live and develop inside your body. This is completely normal and even a sign that you are healthy, but it does not prevent thousands of types of germs from living on your body every day without you even realizing it.

Germs want you well

This is particularly the case with Corynebacterium, which is responsible for the unpleasant odors emitted from the armpits when sweating. Meanwhile, microscopic mites also colonize your face, while others grow under your toes looking moldy…delicious!

While most of them are completely harmless, there are some microbial species that are good for you. These include, for example, the 300 to 500 microbes that grow in your gut and play a role in your immune system, digestive system, and even your mental health. Certain bacteria that crawl on your skin act as a barrier to protect you from pathogens that cause infectious diseases.

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