Here's how to observe and photograph them in France (sky permitting)

Here's how to observe and photograph them in France (sky permitting)

Catch @vivouix on The magnificent northern lights should light up the sky again on Saturday, May 11.

Catch @vivouix on

The magnificent northern lights should light up the sky again on Saturday, May 11.

Nature – Think you've definitely missed the chance to see the northern lights in France after three consecutive exceptional nights from May 10 to 12? Good news, the sun seems to be giving you a new opportunity on the evening of Friday, May 31.

The new northern lights should actually be visible tonight, and they're coming from the same solar storm. Maximum “ Which hit Earth a few weeks ago. “The active region that caused the aurora on May 10 will return soon.” Emphasizes the social network It is clearly still very active. »

In mid-May, Alexei Glover, space weather coordinator at the European Space Agency (ESA), told AFP about a cycle of intense solar activity that returns every 11 years. He explained that the solar activity recorded at the present time is “ Everything is over »Although this does not guarantee the presence of visible northern lights in our sky.

Earth could experience a coronal mass ejection on Friday », confirmed on May 30 on the X the Space Weather Watch account.

However, to increase your chances of witnessing this amazing spectacle, HuffPost Provides you with advice from specialists. It is applied if the sky is cloudy!

• Find the right place and look north

First of all, the northern lights are a difficult phenomenon to predict, so it is impossible to give you a specific timetable so that you do not miss them. Observing the sky at the beginning of the night is undoubtedly the best technique.

To increase your chances, also choose a location away from light pollution, in other words, as far away from cities as possible, explains Sebastian Frank, vice president of the Society for Meteorological Forecasting STM67 in Alsace News.

Since it is a luminous phenomenon that occurs in the atmosphere, it is not necessary to ascend to altitude to avoid disturbance of this atmosphere itself.Patrice Arnal, member of the French Astronomical Society, Alsace Group, adds to our colleagues. Once you find the right spot, prepare for good weather and clear skies.

On Twitter, astrophysicist Eric Lagadec finally insisted in February on an important point so you don't miss it: “ Look towards the northern horizon. »

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• Understand what you are looking at

Have you ever wondered why the northern lights are sometimes red or green? It's all about the height, you see On the chart below. For example, the red northern lights can be seen more than 241 km from Earth.

This color change is due to the gas content ” excited “ By solar wind. It is often oxygen that gives aurora its green and red color. When nitrogen is present, the aurora is often blue or purple.

• Take beautiful photos

To commemorate this phenomenon that only occurs every 10 years in France, you can also try photographing the northern lights. In X, photographers advise you to take your photos in “ Long exposure At night, this will capture more detail.

Photographer Thierry Chevillier explains his method in X, As you can read in the tweet below. As wide aperture as possible is ideal for him to take great photos.

Besides the technical aspects, another important parameter is the location, as it should be as far away from artificial lights as possible, as another dedicated photographer explains. article For pictures of the Northern Lights. Now it's your turn!

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