Here’s how long you need to walk to lose weight and get back in shape before summer

Here’s how long you need to walk to lose weight and get back in shape before summer

© Here’s how long you need to walk to lose weight and get back in shape before summer

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Exercising every day definitely helps in losing weight. Although it is often referred to as a low-energy activity, walking is a great way to help your body shed extra pounds. Does walking really make you lose weight? or he Excessive physical activity To have measurable effects on our bodies?

Everyone knows how good it is to walk For psychosomatic well-being. But contrary to what one might think, it also provides weight loss. It is a kind of exercise that can help your body get rid of excess fat and burn more calories. That is why Understanding exactly how to walk is something that should not be taken lightly!

Does walking really help you lose weight?

Walking is a good way to exercise. You just walk out your front door and it’s undeniably cheap.

In fact, apart from a good pair of walking shoes and comfortable, comfy clothes, You really don’t need anything else.

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Plus, being outside feels so good! Isn’t that more fun than the gym?

Yes ! Walking makes you lose weight because it increases your heart rate. Therefore, it speeds up your metabolism, in order to push you to consume more calories and burn more fat.

In reality, A combination of diet and physical activity It is a winning formula to make you lose weight while eating.

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You will not lose weight unless you burn more calories.

So before you make a move, it’s good to be aware of this Walking is not a panacea.

It is a tool that can help you achieve your weight loss goal. But provided that you also take into account other factors.

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One of the main factors Is that you will not lose weight unless you burn more calories than you consume. This means eating less and moving more.

Also if your diet is unbalanced and full of “unhealthy” high calorie foods, you will not lose weight. It is also important to drink enough water.

Here are some tips to always keep in mind

1. Walk several times a week! In fact, walking just once a week gives little results in terms of weight loss.

2. Gradually but slowly, increase your walking pace and distance.

3. Is it difficult to schedule walks into your busy schedule? Try to combine walking with your daily activities. For example, get off the bus one stop early to walk to work or take a walk during your lunch break.

4. Also adjust your diet. Eat fewer calories than you usually eat. Eat smaller portions but with a variety to get all the nutrients. If necessary, seek advice from an expert, such as a dietitian and weight loss specialist.

5. Don’t lose weight too fast! Experts advise not to lose more than half a kilogram to 1 kilogram per week.

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6. drink a lot! So you also lose moisture while walking. Obviously, don’t opt ​​for high-calorie drinks, or you’ll lose your energy right away. It is preferable to drink water, herbal tea or even tea.

7. Bring something to eat with you on long walks. For example, fruit.

8. Enjoy walking! It will then be easier to wear your walking shoes a few times a week. Choose different routes and areas to diversify the fun.

10,000 steps a day

Many people are trying to do 10,000 steps a day to lose weight. This idea started thanks to Japanese physician Yoshiro Hatano, who showed that people who exercise daily are healthier. To express the minimum amount of exercise required per day, use this exact number of steps.

Recent studies have shown that 10,000 steps with increasing intensity are more effective for health Than, for example, exercising three times a week. So you will also burn more fat than walking.

So how far should you walk to lose weight?

Walking almost burns. 520 calories per hour. Fat burning begins after approx. 2,000 steps, which equals about twenty minutes of walking.

using pedometerYou can easily keep track of how many steps you have left. Nowadays, most pedometers count instantly The number of calories you burned.

As a pointer, know that you will have to be patient and persistent if you want to succeed in losing a pound just by walking. In fact, on average, you can shed 4 to 5 calories per minute of walking.

So you have to walk On average, thirty hours in a row to successfully lose one kilogram.

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you would understand that, This is a goal you will strive to achieve if you want to lose weight!

But consider thatHe walks every dayThen you can facilitate the process of losing weight. To do this, you will have to walk no less than 10,000 steps a day!

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