Here is the touch of elegance that makes a home elegant that few people know about

Here is the touch of elegance that makes a home elegant that few people know about

Thanks to the many incentives and bonuses offered by the government, many are renovating their homes. There are those who provide seismic adaptation, while those who benefit from 110 reward. And many take advantage of this moment, and also renovate the bathroom and kitchen. When it comes to these two environments, personal tastes should always be taken into account. Style and design depend on both the preferred style and the desired function. And so we always start by looking in furniture magazines to see which one is right for us.

Not only the furniture but the details are also important

Obviously, the first thing to consider is the style we want to give to the kitchen and bathroom. More classic for nostalgia, modern and painted for those who want a touch of modernity. Or marble countertops alternate with small and industrial surfaces. But sometimes we are too busy choosing the most obvious furniture and forget the details. Instead, these make a big difference. Thanks to those more exotic details we can give our home character and originality.

Here is the touch of elegance that makes a home elegant that few people know about

Today the ProiezionidiBorsa staff will focus on details that are often overlooked during renovations. We are talking about taps. In fact, usually when you start furnishing the bathroom or kitchen, you start with the furniture. Then move on to sanitary ware, sinks, and finally to household appliances. When it comes time to choose different faucets and mixers, you’re totally exhausted.

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Instead, it is precisely these details that make the difference

Thinking about taps is also very important. Not only to choose the models that best suit our needs but also to reflect our personal style. Modern fashion is definitely gold faucets, especially for bathrooms. It is combined with marble slabs both in the shower room and on the sink surface. But there is often the risk of having too much of a furniture catalog effect.

So what kind of faucets do you choose? If we like industrial style, we can’t do without black at all! A black faucet can make the environment more special without overdoing the accessories. perfect with marble, but also goes very well with classic 1930s style tiles. Think of a bathroom with a mosaic wall and a beautiful matte black mixer.

So here’s the touch of elegance that makes a home so elegant that few people know it. We forego the usual satin steel and opt for matte black. With such a very small kitchen and bathroom, the bathroom will be incredibly original and stylish.


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