Here are three personality traits of the “perfect asshole,” according to science

Here are three personality traits of the “perfect asshole,” according to science

Certain encounters have a special effect on our existence, sometimes for the better… and other times for the worse. whether in love frame, friendly or even professional, who hasn’t found themselves facing someone they’d rather never have met? Most of the time, when you realize it, it’s already too late…

The good news is that it is entirely possible to learn how to identify sublimity Better to avoid it, before you even have to met him comprehensive. To reduce disappointments, the results of a study conducted by researchers from the University of Georgia are very helpful!

What are the personality traits of the “perfect asshole”?

The conclusions of the latter are not attractive: the “perfect asshole” or the “total bitch” exist! We don’t all know at least one… By questioning nearly 400 people about the “biggest asshole” they had the misfortune to meet, scientists were able to identify the personality traits that best characterize these unsavory people!

The “perfect asshole” is manipulative

This work confirms that this type of person is particularly manipulative. In fact, the “perfect asshole” wouldn’t hesitate for a second to lie and use tricks to get what he wanted from those around him. It is not uncommon for his behavior to change depending on the people or situations he finds himself facing.

The “perfect fool” is irresponsible

The “perfect fool” believes that everything is permissible and acts without worrying about what others think. Even the annoyance of those around him gives him more satisfaction than guilt. Don’t count on him questioning himself, he’s fully aware of the damage he’s doing (and he’s very proud of it)!

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The “perfect asshole” is aggressive

Aggressiveness and impulsiveness are also characteristic of the “ideal fool” character. When things don’t go his way, he doesn’t hesitate to raise his voice and use force to impose himself on others. But that’s not all, this character also tends to anger and is quick to sectarian opinions.

Manipulative, irresponsible, aggressive… These personality traits are not only specific to the “perfect asshole”, but they also adhere to the personality of psychopaths, antisocials or even narcissists. So if you can spot it in a person, you know what you need to do…RUN!

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