Here are the top 10 promotions for the second sale

Here are the top 10 promotions for the second sale

The second reduction of 2024 sales will put further pressure on the prices of many items already on promotion.

Among the articles you will find this week, we can first mention smartphones. It is clear that smartphones will be the stars of the coming days with discounts on many models from the brands Apple, Google, Samsung and OnePlus. Whether it's entry-level smartphones that were never accessible, or premium models that have lost a few tens of euros to allow you to pamper yourself without hurting your savings.

The home appliances sector is also very present during the 2024 sales with big promotions on many items in the catalogs of e-retailers. If you've long wanted a new food processor to prepare delicious meals, or a coffee machine that all your friends will envy, sales are the perfect time to finally take action.

During the 2024 sales, laptops are also in the spotlight with strong promotions and hundreds of euros to be won on the prices of many models. Whether you're looking for a small laptop to get your daily office tasks done, or a gaming PC with the best graphics card out there for HD graphics gaming, you're spoiled for choice with one thing all of these devices have in common: prices are among the lowest on the internet.

The year 2024 will be full of sporting and audio-visual events. In addition to the Paris Olympics which should have its share of excitement, this year will also have Euro 2024 in June. We also take a look at several big-budget series and films that will be arriving on various streaming platforms. To enjoy it alone or with friends, take advantage of the 2024 sales to treat yourself to a new 4K TV, with exceptional resolution, realistic colors and many connected services to enrich your experience.

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2024 sales will finally be the time for audiophiles to enjoy brand new headphones. Take advantage of discounts offered by retail brands to discover the latest Sony or Bose models and their amazing noise reduction systems. There are also plenty of wireless headphones available to let you feel more comfortable listening to your favorite future titles of the year.

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