Help Britton go to space!  - Brittany

Help Britton go to space! – Brittany

The idea may seem silly “but it has all its coherence,” Elico, Olivier Bourbon, defends. In October 2020, Brest producer and his co-director Dornini, Marie Helia, are working on a new film. “It was about extracting the best 70 years of amateur photographs stored in an unimaginable treasure at the Cinémathèque de Bretagne.”

Breton Weddings, Summer Harvest, Storms, and Peasant Revolts: “From the landscape to our mood, this film will showcase our vision, we Bretons are alive on our lands,” Mary Helia sums up in the summary. Even before starting to search 35,000 archives of all kinds, ambition emerges: “As long as we show a vision for us Britons, we may go and give it more. We told ourselves there was a trail to be left even in space,” continues Olivier Bourbion.

It remains to find the missile

A year later, the space-time movie had a name. Mission E-Ty will be, “like the home phone from a famous American movie, the designers laughing at. And of course connecting the galaxy to our little house in Brittany.” Editing of the 63-minute documentary novel is currently in its final phase. “It would take excerpts from 300 amateur films, from 1908 to 1980, with great force,” the 63-year-old producer attests.

There is still a stone to be placed in this building, which should be rolled out in theaters, and then on local channels, in early 2022: sending these famous images beyond the atmosphere. “We haven’t decided between a USB key on the ISS, or a digital data stream via satellite. But we’ll find the right rocket!” says Olivier Bourbion very seriously.

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“We haven’t decided between a USB key on the ISS, or a digital data stream via satellite. But we will find the right rocket!”

Alan Stifel Osei

And so contacts were made with another Brestois Nicolas Bellec, the CNE ambassador for Brittany, or with the Galic brothers, who put nanosatellites into orbit, with start-up Rennes Unseenlabs. crowdfunding of 5,000 euros, Launched on kengo Until October 26th, you must finish helping launch “Mission E-Ty” into another galaxy.

Another artist, Alan Stivell, who is obsessed with the superstar and the stars (he’s had an asteroid to his name since 2000), has been looking at this story more closely. He had also already thought about sending a piece of Celtic harp into space. It was in 2016: “I connected the Science de Reine space to transmit two ‘Ys’ to French astronaut Thomas Bisquet, during his first mission to the International Space Station, he recalls. The sweet melody at that time did not reach the French astronaut’s ears. What if it is partially delivered?

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