Heidi Klum swimsuit for this summer

Heidi Klum swimsuit for this summer

German supermodel Heidi Klum is putting her forty-year-old body to work in a new collection of swimwear that will hit stores this summer.

The model designed the collection as part of her Heidi Klum Intiments brand, which has been sold by New Zealand label Bendon since last year.

Heidi Klum announced the news on social media, accompanying a photo of herself in a bikini surrounded by her team with their feet in the water. She captioned the photo: “Big news coming…Heidi Klum is hitting stores this summer.”

According to information received from Women's clothing dailyThis collection, which will arrive in the southern hemisphere in July and in the northern hemisphere in October, will include swimwear and beachwear.

The images for this campaign were entrusted to fashion photographer Rankin.

“I've spent most of my career walking on beaches around the world, and I still love doing that, so we've been working on this for a while,” the German told the trade magazine.

She adds that she emphasizes above all the practicality of her pieces: “I'm not a big fan of weird tan lines (…) I don't want to see 10 belt marks on my back.” That's why she chose simple shapes.

“I often go to water parks with my kids,” she explains her thoughts on the performance she expects from her swimwear. So it's important for her to wear nice swimwear that holds up well even when wet.

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Heidi Klum took over when supermodel Elle Macpherson announced her departure from the Bendon brand in January 2015. This is where the Heidi Klum Intiments collection began.

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