He was vaccinated 10 times on the same day

He was vaccinated 10 times on the same day

Some people will stop at nothing for little money and even risk their health. An investigation was launched by the New Zealand Ministry of Health after the man was vaccinated 10 times in the same day. “We take this matter very seriously. We are very concerned about this situation and are working with the relevant agencies,” the ministry said.

So why did this guy get vaccinated ten times on the same day? Is it hypochondriac? No, according to local media things, he would have been paid by people who were reluctant to get vaccinated to give them a health clearance. So he was gone In many vaccination centersStuff thought.

Receiving such a number of doses on the same day, said Nikki Turner, a professor in Auckland and director of one of the Centers for Immunology. “Definitely not recommended. We have no evidence of any side effects that could happen to anyone with this amount of the vaccine.”

In France, a fifty-year-old man died at the end of October 2021 after being infected in a Paris hospital. Doctors claimed they got vaccinated, and they knew it It was a forged certificate. We will calculate 36000 in France According to the latest health insurance numbers.

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