“He Uses Science” Christopher Nolan’s films are judged by scientists.  The ruling is final

“He Uses Science” Christopher Nolan’s films are judged by scientists. The ruling is final

Culture News “He Uses Science” Christopher Nolan’s films are judged by scientists. The ruling is final

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In general, Christopher Nolan films will happily rely on scientific fields to cover the main story. From the viewer’s perspective, we are often impressed by the director’s mastery, but what do scholars think? And while there is no doubt that the director’s feature films involve suspension of disbelief, there is something positive even if his work consists, above all, of using science rather than reporting it as is.

Using science to entertain, Christopher Nolan technique

A man of cinema above all, Christopher Nolan is no less curious about filmmaking. When you delve into his filmography, you quickly realize that there is often a common denominator. Although he somewhat neglected it during the production of his Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan is passionate about lore. He himself does not hide this when he explains it Knowledge appears to him as ” An inexhaustible source of great drama ». His latest masterpiece Oppenheimer This is obviously the perfect example because through his character, Nolan demonstrates the use of nuclear physics for political purposes and its tragic repercussions on many levels, especially on his main character and on humanity.

Exploiting science as a tool is not necessarily shameful. In the case of Nolan’s filmography, science is often the starting point for entertainment. souvenir, prestige, beginning, Interstellar, Tenet…Each of his feature films focuses on a specific area with the aim of arousing the curiosity of viewers. He was recently interviewed by our colleagues from TeleramaMany scholars have judged his work, praising the way he approaches entertainment science while putting the way he uses various forms of other, more advanced sciences into context. As nicely summarized by Laurent Vercoil, a neurologist at Grenoble University Hospital, in… Telerama articleWhat Nolan is looking for is “the amazing potential of science.”

Scholars pass their verdict on Nolan’s films, and they’re not sympathetic to Tenet

So, obviously, to record this marvel on the giant screens of cinemas and arouse the curiosity of viewers, Nolan doesn’t hesitate to tinker with science, especially to make it plausible if not realistic. As Roland Lahouk, an astrophysicist at the Atomic Energy Commission, points out. However, in his opinion, this phase that passes through many of the director’s films reaches a second phase, once the ” The scenario that holds up “. from his side, Etienne Kleinphysicist, philosopher of science and director of research at CEA, He reinforces this idea by declaring that “ Nolan is more interested in the scientist as a social figure than in scientific fact itself ” in Oppenheimer.

"He uses science" Christopher Nolan's films are judged by scholars.  The ruling is final

So Nolan is there not to teach, as some of the scholars interviewed might regret, but to do so Exploiting science for entertainment purposes. Moreover, at this point, Scientists who spoke Telerama Collect and revive the qualities of the director and his productions. Unless maybe Tenetdescribed as ” A set of twists and turns that violate the laws of physics For them, it will remain the director’s greatest achievement Representation of the Gargantua black hole Interstellarto rule ” absolutely stunning ” And ” Beautiful, even if inaccurate ». It must be said that the British director used the services of Kip Thorne, a specialist in general relativity and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, but he knew how to distance himself from all this common data to present something accessible to spectators. Yes, Nolan uses science but it’s often amazing!

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