He finds a fugitive who has been wanted for 30 years in 30 minutes!

He finds a fugitive who has been wanted for 30 years in 30 minutes!

In just 30 minutes, a journalist found a fugitive who had been wanted for thirty years by German police. To achieve this, he used the famous facial recognition tool Pimeyes.

Thirty minutes of searching for a €30 subscription to find a fugitive who has been missing for 30 years. Using the popular facial recognition tool BemezA journalist has managed to lead German police to arrest Daniela Klett, an alleged member of the Faction of the Red Army (FAR), also known as the Baader gang. This organization, which carried out attacks and murders in the 1970s and 1980s, was disbanded in 1998. German police are still searching for its members, including Daniela Klett, who is now 65 years old. It was forgotten…until this journalist used the Pimeyes facial recognition tool. It allows you to find all public photos of someone posted on the Internet or social networkssocial networks From one photo of the face.

German police are unstable

Journalist Michael Colbon Use Pimeyes to track the fugitive. From the results, he came across his account FBFB I was able to verify its authenticity in about thirty minutes. Daniela Klett used the alias “Claudia Evony” for this account. The authorities were contacted, which led to her being located in Berlin and her arrest. While a journalist who used a common tool was able to identify this woman in a few tens of minutes, this case is of concern to the German police, who have been investigating for 30 years to find her. Police could also have used facial recognition tools at their disposal, but never did.

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