He disappeared mysteriously: a man was found after 25 years, and all this time his neighbor had kidnapped him

He disappeared mysteriously: a man was found after 25 years, and all this time his neighbor had kidnapped him

A very tragic story but with a miraculous outcome, Omar was 20 years old when he disappeared, and 45 years old when he was discovered locked in his neighbour's house.

Omar was 20 years old in 1999 when he disappeared without a trace in Algeria. Years of searching and hoping provide no clue to track down the young man who was living in the Algerian highlands in the capital of Djelfa Province.

As mentioned Algerian media TSAOmar's loved ones have given up hope of finding him alive. His mother died in 2007, and he was overcome with grief. But the unthinkable happened, 25 years after her disappearance.

??????. An Algerian who had been missing for 26 years was found alive and kidnapped in his neighbor's house. The man, now 45 years old, disappeared in 1998 in Djelfa province. Gendarmes found him on Tuesday after a tip-off. The suspect is aged… pic.twitter.com/xWS67jJIIt

– TSA Algeria (@TSAlgerie) May 15, 2024

His dog understood everything from the beginning

It is a “mysterious post” on social media that suddenly suggests that Omar is safe and sound, but he was kidnapped by a resident of the Al-Jadeed municipality… where the family of the missing person lives. Omar's relatives resume the search and compare evidence to the home of a municipal employee of about sixty years old.

Then they remember that Omar's dog stuck to this alleged kidnapper's house after his master disappeared. This is the same dog that was later found dead, perhaps due to poisoning, according to the local newspaper the news.

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Found among livestock

The family of the missing person suddenly visited this neighbor… and found Omar captive in an unsanitary barn where he lived with livestock. Omar is no longer young, he is 45 years old, with a sad appearance and a shaggy beard, but he is alive and well.

The intervention of the gendarmes put an end to Omar's nightmare and allowed the arrest of his 61-year-old jailer. The reasons for this isolation, which lasted nearly three decades, were not explained.

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