Environ 200 personnes seraient victimes de ce syndrome.

Havana Syndrome cannot be attributed to a foreign power, according to the CIA

The CIA concluded that “Havana Syndrome“, a mysterious evil that plagues American diplomats around the world and is sometimes compared to”sonic attacksAttributed by some to Russia, a priori cannot be traced back to an attack by a foreign power, according to information from The New York Times Wednesday 19 January.

the The New York Times The NBC cites preliminary CIA findings about incidents that first occurred to diplomats in 2016 in the Cuban capital, where US and Canadian diplomats complained of severe headaches and nausea. “In hundreds of cases, the agency has found reasonable and alternative explanationsto a foreign operation, according to sources reported by NBC. But an investigation with the CIA is ongoing regarding about two dozen cases that remain unexplained.

“We will continue to investigate these incidents.”

«The interim report was not a definitive conclusion to the Biden administration or the entire intelligence communityNBC said, citing US officials. A group of victims was quoted by The New York Times CIA findings said,It can’t and shouldn’t be the last word on this». «Although we have reached some important interim conclusions, we are not done yet‘, reassured William J. Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, citing The New York Times. «We will continue to investigate these incidents“, Confirms.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pledged in November 2021 to “make all the light” On “Havana Syndrome» naming diplomats with experience in this file. those”abnormal health accidents“As they are called in administrative jargon, they are characterized by severe migraines and dizziness or nausea. Brain damage has been diagnosed.

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Since its appearance in Havana, successive cases have been reported in China, Germany, Australia, Russia, Austria and even in Washington. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs refuses to provide an estimate of the number of those affected, the number 200 is mentioned. From the start, US authorities vacillated, with some officials downplaying symptoms sometimes attributed to stress, and others privately discussing potential radio wave attacks and skeptical of countries like Russia. But this thesis is also called into question by some scientists, who consider it an unlikely common cause of all reported cases.

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