Hard lockout or test option: That’s what Iserlohn residents want

Hard lockout or test option: That’s what Iserlohn residents want

More stringent measures or relaxation with the mandatory tests in Iserlohn and Märkischer Kreis? The online IKZ survey shows clear results.

The Corona emergency brakes have been activated in Märkischer Kreis and thus in Iserlohn as well since Monday. The slots that went into effect on March 8 have been canceled. But as in many other cities and regions in North Rhine-Westphalia, the test option is also discussed in local policy, where openings can be kept, provided that customers, visitors or users provide a daily negative test result. But do the people of Israel think this makes sense at all?

According to an online survey by the local newspaper, in which 232 people participated Monday evening, no. Only 34 percent of the respondents there support the test option. The vast majority, 66 percent of respondents, consider a severe lockdown in the current situation the most efficient measure in the fight against Coronavirus.

Controversial discussion on Facebook and Instagram

The topic was also controversially discussed on the pages of the local newspaper on Facebook and Instagram – there, too, it became clear that the majority were in favor of a strict lockdown.

In some cases, more stringent measures are required than those currently in place: curfews from 10pm, social life completely closed for several weeks, strict regulations such as Australia and New Zealand, day care and school closures. Only in this way can the virus be slowed down and more variables avoid easier lockdown in the future.

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Insurance models failed

But for many residents of Israel – also due to confusing ordinances and regulations – the thread of patience appears to have been torn apart. In addition to the test option, they are also demanding openings in all areas such as retail, gastronomy, culture and sports. The numerous measures in the past months, including the various lockdown models, did not lead to a significant drop in the number of cases.

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