Hand Sports, Tomorrow, “Enhanced” Athletes Perform Better Than Other Athletes?

Hand Sports, Tomorrow, “Enhanced” Athletes Perform Better Than Other Athletes?

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Speed, reflexes, stamina, or superhuman strength: science fiction is full of technologically “enhanced” humans, who thanks to robotic arms, who thanks to brain transplants, and so on.

Oscar Pistorius during the first round of the 400 meters at the 2012 London Olympics.
Jim Thurston/Flickr, CC BY-SA

Twelve years ago, Oscar Pistorius' performance seemed to combine reality and fantasy. On a 400-meter track, this amputee athlete was able to hold his own against “healthy” runners, thanks to carbon blade-shaped prosthetics. Although robots have never been so efficient, and artificial intelligence is making headlines, should we expect Olympic records to be lowered tomorrow thanks to athletes equipped with high-tech prosthetics?

Researcher inInstitute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (Sorbonne University), Nathanael Grasset It separates fantasy and reality. And it offers us They will fightan international competition Where athletes with prosthetics compete.

“Science Gets Your Shirt Wet”, the podcast where journalists and scientists weigh in and understand how research allows top-level athletes to push their limits, improve their training and win more medals, and who also gives amateurs the keys to a better daily practice!

Rugby, swimming, cycling, running… there will be something for everyone!

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