Half of girls quit sports because of their periods - LINFO.re

Half of girls quit sports because of their periods – LINFO.re

Menstruation hinders the athletic aspirations of many girls. Some have decided to stop due to pain, discomfort, or fear of leaks during this time.

large number of girls to leave of sports Despite its benefits. As part of the launch of their new line of underwear, PUMA and waterproof clothing company Modibodi conducted a study of a thousand teenage girls around the world to understand their causes.

Why give up physical activities?

According to the survey results, one in every teenage boy decides to stop sports due to Menstruation. Girls give up because of pain, fear of dropping out, or getting upset during it Grammar. One in two people surveyed said they felt uncomfortable during a Physical activity With sanitary napkins.

“Three out of five teenage girls miss training because they are afraid of leaking or discovering their periods.”said Kristi Chong, founder of Modibody. It appears that the fear of leaks had a psychological effect on their physical performance.

‘Rules shouldn’t make girls quit sports’

The study also highlights the lack of innovation in this area, which will not allow teenage girls to exercise normally Physical activity. “Together we will downplay the menstrual cycle and challenge the common belief that a woman cannot be active during her period.”Mrs. Chung said.

Australian soccer player Sabrina Frederick thinks so “The Grammar Girls should not be pressured to quit smoking sports. It’s time for New Zealand soccer captain Ali Riley says “To help women and girls feel comfortable and stay active during their periods”.

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