Haley fails to win the Republican primary election in Nevada despite Trump's absence

Haley fails to win the Republican primary election in Nevada despite Trump's absence

She was the only one in the race, yet Nikki Haley was unable to win the Republican primary in Nevada. Voters preferred to vote blank by 61% by checking the “No Candidate” box on the ballot paper. Only 32% voted for the former governor of South Carolina, which represents a major setback for Nikki Haley, who cannot catch up with her great rival, Donald Trump.

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With our correspondent in Miami. David Thompson

She wasn't running against anyone, but she managed to lose the election. All day long, Donald Trump's supporters did their best on social media to mock his rival's poor performance in the Republican primary in Nevada.

Nikki Haley was actually the only female candidate in the race, but on ballots, 61% of voters preferred to check the “no candidate” box, clearly indicating their hostility to her candidacy. Only 32% voted for the former US ambassador to the United Nations.

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Mr. former President

As a result, no winner was announced. In fact, there are two Republican primaries in Nevada, one organized by the state that Trump boycotted, and one organized by the Republican Party that Haley boycotted. But now, only the second vote matters to get the primary delegates to certify the nomination at the Republican convention in July.

In any case, the incident once again proves the superiority of the former president. Her supporters are all calling on Nikki Haley to withdraw, because in the meantime the party cannot launch fundraising appeals for Trump, but her campaign coffers, like those of the Republican Party, are at their lowest levels. But Nikki Haley reiterates that, she intends to continue and is making every effort in South Carolina, her home state, which will vote on February 24.

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