Hakim has launched a bespoke co-working space at the gates of Massey Park

Hakim has launched a bespoke co-working space at the gates of Massey Park

To fill the gap, Massey offers a collaborative workspace with various options in the spirit of a café.

You will never be as well served as you are yourself. He also faced difficulties in finding a suitable place to work after his recent arrival to Tarbes for family reasons, so Hakim Al-Tawati decided to create his own place. That's how Macy's, a co-working space and café, was born at the beginning of the year. “I was going from café to café to work, using the Wi-Fi service, which was faulty at times,” says the man who runs a telecommunications company. “With this space, I thought to myself why not address this deficiency.”

Hakim is also the first user of this co-working site which he intends to share with the largest number of active, freelancers or freelancers looking for a place to work. “It is really eclectic, with the possibility of privatizing the room and its six modern computer terminals, for training or meetings,” explains the forty-year-old Yvelines man who financed the renovation of the building and its equipment. “It's easy to start your own business. I also see Massey as a resource place where professionals can exchange and share their problems.” Massey also offers a space to record podcasts and videos, as well as a coffee corner, open to everyone for breakfast or a snack. Hakim also hopes to launch his own online television and radio show for entrepreneurs “so they can explain how they succeeded but also shine a light on others.”

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Creative café with ADIE

Hakim Al-Atouti recently hosted an entrepreneurship café in Massy, ​​organized by ADIE, the structure he supported via a microloan to build his initial cash flow, one of 91 companies financed in 2023 in the Haute-Pyrenees by the association. These local innovators were able to discuss their successes and obstacles they faced with the help of the ADIE teams. “It is a moment of exchange that allows us to break down the isolation of creators,” explains Alexis Malric, ADIE advisor in Tarbes. “We will try to multiply these initiatives. Every creator has a reference at ADIE level, but if a network can be created, and other resources emerge, tips can be enough to remove “Some obstacles.”

Massy workshop and café at 39 rue Massy in Tarbes. Information about https://www.coworking-tarbes.fr/

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