Haifa: Wild Boars and People, the Tight Sharing of Urban Space

Haifa: Wild Boars and People, the Tight Sharing of Urban Space

For several months now, the city of Haifa in Israel has been facing an increase in wild boars. Their incursions into the city have already caused a lot of damage and physical harm. Perhaps this is the fate promised to the city of Montpellier, which has ended agreements to provide public land for hunting activities.

The example of Haifa should be of interest to animal lovers and those who oppose hunting. This coastal city in northern Israel is a sad example of the consequences of the ban on hunting wild boars, which are particularly attracted by the overflowing garbage bins. They no longer hesitate to venture into the streets and parks in search of food, and there have been no predators since the election of Haifa’s former mayor, Einat Kalisch Rotem, in November 2018, when she banned their hunting in the name of animal rights. In fact, in just a few months, Haifa has become a paradise for wild boars… and a hell for its residents.

Wild Boars and the Animal Party

The video is only 2 minutes long.. There is no need to further understand the history and causes of the problem facing the residents of Haifa. The series, directed by Richard Sur Terre, a famous French-speaking YouTuber, begins with the question: “What would France look like if the Animal Party took its decisions?” The hunting enthusiast traces the history of the facts and describes the example of Israel as “particularly striking when it comes to dismantling animal lies and propaganda.” Because “there we don’t eat wild boars and raise fewer pigs.” A way to ignore the animal argument that attributes responsibility for the spread of wild boars to hunters. “No hunting, no breeding, no crossing. No propaganda possible.

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unbearable damage

In Israel, “the wild boar is an officially protected species. However, they are slaughtered for 12 months out of 12 with a special license without any closure period,” Richard also points out to Terry. Since the election of Einat Kalish Rotem, the wild boars have literally colonized the city to the point of creating safety problems for the residents. The consequences were predictable and Richard’s video on the ground recounts the events. A girl was injured in the back and leg. A 69-year-old man was attacked while walking his dog. Another young man, 20, was attacked while walking in the city. The result for the latter: a torn leg. The examples are numerous and the internet is full of videos showing wild boars and the damage they cause.

Changing the mayor and the return of slaughter

Fortunately, the city's new mayor, Yona Yahav, returned to office in March. who promised in his election campaignTo solve the problem of wild boar invasion, the authorities immediately authorized the resumption of wild boar slaughter campaigns. This measure, although controversial, has helped reduce the number of animals in the city. However, many residents and wildlife protection associations oppose this radical solution and are calling for more sustainable alternatives. – Educate the population on good practices to avoid attracting wild boars, secure garbage bins and create dedicated feeding areas for these animals outside residential areas. We attack the results, not the causes.

Tomorrow Montpellier?

The proliferation of wild boars is a global phenomenon. The hunting ban carries its share of risks for property but especially for people. In Montpellier, we do not share this point of view. Since the end of 2020, hunting on public land has no longer been possible. In fact, the municipality has decided to end the agreements for the provision of public land for hunting activities. Since then, wild boars have adapted and found areas of peace. The result of this anti-hunting policy: wild boars roam the city in broad daylight without being disturbed. Social networks regularly broadcast these intrusions. An anomalous situation that imposes absurd measures, as Laurent Jaoul, mayor of Saint-Brice, testifies. “I was the first to denounce the irresponsibility of Coralie Manshin, who issued a hunting ban. Today, we must close the A750 motorway near Montpellier to manage the abundance of this big game. This is madness!”

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