Hackers use Stack Overflow to spread malware

Hackers use Stack Overflow to spread malware

Once installed on a victim's computer, the Trojan spread by “pytoileur” can perform a variety of malicious actions aimed at stealing sensitive information. First, it ensures its persistence on the system by modifying Windows registry settings. They also deploy anti-detection measures to try to evade analysis by security researchers and antivirus solutions.

But its main goal is to steal information. The malware targets data stored in popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Brave, and Firefox. It attempts to extract cookies, saved passwords, browsing history, and even credit card information.

but that is not all. The Trojan also searches for data related to finance and cryptocurrency services such as Binance, Coinbase, Exodus Wallet, PayPal, Payoneer, PaySafeCard, Crypto.com, and Skrill. If he finds credentials or cryptocurrency wallets, he steals them without a qualms.

The malware's monitoring capabilities go as far as activating the victim's webcam, recording keystrokes (keylogger) and taking screenshots of the screen. All this valuable data is then transferred to the attackers' servers.

To protect themselves, users should be very careful when following online advice, even on reputable platforms like Stack Overflow, and perhaps even especially when the sites or platforms are among the most popular.

As always, caution and good practices are essential. Before installing a third-party package, it is necessary to check its source, revisions, and source code to see if there are any potentially suspicious behaviors. It is also recommended to keep your antivirus software updated. In case of infection, you are advised to change all sensitive passwords immediately and monitor suspicious activity on online accounts.

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