Guyana Science Festival: 5 Questions for Agatha Alice, 2023 Ambassador

Guyana Science Festival: 5 Questions for Agatha Alice, 2023 Ambassador

The Science Festival takes place from November 10 to 27 in Guyana. This year’s theme is “Sports and Science”. It is a topic that Agatha Alice, the ambassador of this edition, knows well. His thesis focuses on the values ​​of sport and the Olympics. We asked him some questions.

Sports values ​​and the Olympics: a condition for building education. Update on players’ sports performance“. This is the title of Agathe Alice’s thesis.Ambassador of the 2023 Science Festival in Guyana.

She is a PhD student in Education and Training Sciences at the University of Guyana. In 2022 I participated in the regional competition for my thesis in 180 seconds (MT180).. It won the General Prize and the Jury Prize. Agathe Alais reached the national semi-finals.

She is also a former high-level handball athlete. Today she is High performing regional manager Inside the Regional Performance Center (MRP) located at the Michel Néron Institute for Training and Access to Sport (IFAS).

1 What does your role as ambassador include?

Promote this topic. I work in the field of sports and do research in this field, so that I can explain the relationship between sports and science more easily. I want to make sure we understand. Scientific research greatly helps high-level athletes. It’s also for the educational aspect. There is a mental dimension that occupies an increasing place in performance.

2 For you, is the “sports and science” alliance clear?

At first glance, maybe not. But when it comes to the top level, it’s a no-brainer. Scientific research focuses a lot on this. There is also an area that is slightly forgotten, which is the areas of the mental dimension and the moral dimension. This is very important for athletes to be able to perform.

3 What place do sports and science occupy in Guyana?

Sports, in Guyanese culture, are well established. Sporting events are well attended and have a real social impact. In the team we can find young people of all nationalities. In Guyana, it plays a role in integration. On the other hand, sports science in Guyana has not yet developed. For example, there is no STAPS (Science and Technology of Physical Activities and Sports) sector. These are aspects that must be developed. The International Federation of Science and Sport, as a regional performance house, must link science and sport.

4 How has your background as an athlete helped you in your research?

We will say that my research topic is really inspired by my career path, and what I have experienced at a high level. I have always been aware of the ethical side of sports. I realized that there is a gap between the values ​​advocated by sport and the reality on the ground. I’ve always thought about that, That’s why I decided to research this paradox.

5 Finally, what are the values ​​of sports and the Olympics?

We will say that there are three proposed values: Friendship, excellence and respect. These are the three core values ​​of the Olympic Movement. They combine differences in sports values.

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